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Basic Italian

Whilst exploring Italy it's important to know some basic Italian to help you along the way, and the locals will respect you for trying, let's take a look!
Hello: Ciao - Buongiorno - Salve

When greeting a stranger, always use Buongiorno or Salve especially if they are older than you, only use Ciao for friends, people younger or if they say Ciao first!

Morning/Afternoon/Evening: Buongiorno, Buonasera

Good morning and good afternoon are both the same "Boungiorno" but good evening changes to "Buonasera" Used when entering shops, restaurants, hotels etc

Goodbye: Arrivederci or Ciao

Goodbye can vary depending on the formality of the situation, between friends a simple Ciao would do, but when leaving a shop or formal occasion throw in a "Arrivederci"

Goodnight: Buonanotte

I'm going to bed, I'm really tired. Goodnight everybody: Vado a dormire, sono proprio stanca, buonanotte a tutti.

See you tomorrow: Ci vediamo domani

"C" is pronounced "ch" like in church or chocolate

Nice to meet you, I'm John: Piacere, sono John

nice to meet you, i'm John and this is Kevin: Piacere, sono John e questo e Kevin

I'm staying at the hotel Rose: Sto all'hotel Rose

I'm staying in Venice for one week: Mi fermo a Venezia per una settimana

How much is it? Quanto costa?
Can I have the bill please? Posso avere il conto per favore?
Do you take card payments? Accettate pagamenti con carta?
Table for four please! tavolo per quattro per favore
What flavour is that ice cream? Che sapore è quel gelato
Where can I hire a boat? Dove posso noleggiare una barca?
Can I take a picture? Posso fare una foto
Is there a supermarket nearby? C'è un supermercato qui vicino?
We need a doctor asap! Abbiamo bisogno di un dottore al più presto
Where is the hospital? Dov'è l'ospedale?
How long is the tour? Quanto dura il tour?
Is there wifi here? C'è il Wi-Fi qui
Where is the beach? Dov'è la spiaggia?
Do you do takeaway? Fai da asporto?
Can I have 2 tickets for the museum please? Mi dà due biglietti d'ingresso per il museo, per favore?