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It's no coincidence that Italy is one of the top destinations for the Instagrammers. The breath taking sights, the picturesque beaches, famous food, wine and friendly locals make Italy a place for everyone.

Italy boasts some of the nicest beaches in Europe, from the white sands of Tuscany to the clear blue waters of Calabria. Whether you are a couple on a honeymoon or a family on a beach holiday, Italy ticks all boxes for every scenario making it an idyllic location to visit.

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If your taste buds are craving fine wine, meats, cheese and freshly lined fish, a tour of Italy's coastline is just the ticket for you. Experience the elite lifestyle of Portofino Liguria, the historic sea side towns of Puglia and Calabria, the breath taking sights of Sardinia and the unforgettable magical floating city that is Venice!

It's a cliché but it is true, Italy really has got it all in one place, over 40m people visited us in 2020 (Italy has a population of 60m), over 1m tourists specifically came to visit just Venice!

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Vacanza Mare